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Testimonials for the PAAA

"We had William D'Anjolell and Peter LoPresti out to the Quakertown Farmers Market to appraise for our Antiques "Roadshow" Appraisal Fair. Bill and Peter were great with all our guests and very knowledgeable about the items that came into the show. Our guests had an amazing time and kept asking when the next "Roadshow" will be. This was a fun, educational, and entertaining event that we will definitely do again!"

Sara Hoadley - Marketing Director
Quakertown Farmers Market

Quakertown, PA
April, 2024

"Bill D'Anjolell along with his colleague, Peter LoPresti, gave us a very informative session on the appraisal of our antique items. They not only reviewed the background to each item, but relayed information on the current status of antiques in the marketplace. I would recommend bringing their services to your group or community."

Adriane Posner
Activities Chairperson - the Villas of Newtown

Newtown, PA
January, 2024

"The Saucon Valley Conservancy (SVC), caretakers of the Heller Homestead adjacent to Hellertown, PA, held its Second Annual Antique Appraisal Day on October 15, 2023. This is a major fundraiser for SVC and this year was no exception.

We were again fortunate to have Bill D'Anjolell and his partner, Peter LoPresti as our appraisers. While each participant was there to learn the value of their antiques, they and the SVC Board members came away with so much more. Both Bill and Peter took the time to educate all of us about the history and significance of each item they appraised which in the end, was the most valuable aspect according to all who attended.
Bill and Peter have obviously gathered an impressive amount of information on a broad spectrum of antiques and their knowledge is incredibly valuable for people wanting to know more about their personal treasures, many of which came from their ancestors.

SVC has been very fortunate to have had Bill and Peter as appraisers which made this years event a successful one. We are looking forward to their return in 2024. So if you want the very best to appraise your antiques, contact Bill D'Anjolell."

Donna S. Rice - SVC Board member
Saucon Valley Conservancy

Bethlehem, PA
October, 2023

"Bill D'Anjolell & Peter LoPresti were very professional, people oriented, and knowledgeable in the field. The audience learned a lot about antiques. It was very enjoyable and we will utilize their services again."

Alan Klingbeil - Event Coordinator for Social Hall
St. Luke Lutheran Church

Ferndale, PA
August, 2023

"Dock Woods of Living Branches would like to thank Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisers' Association for providing an enriching afternoon, providing a very professional two hour Appraisal for over 40 Residents who were excited to learn about the history and value of their two items they brought along for a free Appraisal. We really loved the knowledge that Bill D'Anjolell and Ashley King provided for each item, and it was quite exciting to hear the value of some of these precious pieces. Because this Antique Appraisal Road Show was so popular, I plan for their return in the near future. Thank You again for providing a fun and professional event."

M. Eileen Burks - Residential Living Life Enrichment Coordinator
Dock Woods Residential Living

Lansdale, PA
April, 2023

"What a lot of "treasures" reside here at Dock Woods. On Thursday, we had free appraisals by qualified professionals. It was like being on the "Antiques Roadshow". There were appraisals ranging from $5.00 to $2000.00. Paintings, dolls, crystal, pocket watches just to name a few. We hope to do this again!"

Vera and John Hubbard - Residents at Dock Woods
Lansadale, PA
April, 2023

"The Saucon Valley Conservancy in Bethlehem, PA held its first Antique Appraisal Day on June 25, 2022. By all accounts, it was a successful fundraiser due to the expertise and charisma of Bill D'Anjolell and Ashley King. They not only gave the participants a monetary value of their treasured antiques, Bill and Ashley spent time sharing the history behind each piece. As a result, all of our participants received invaluable insights into their special possessions. While some were expecting a higher appraisal, others were obviously surprised at the value of their antiques. But all participants were especially pleased with the knowledge they received about their antiques, many of which were handed down from older family members with little information. The feedback we received from the participants was heart warming which means we are already looking forward to repeating this event next year with Bill and Ashley."

Russell Rice - Event Coordinator
Saucon Valley Conservancy

Bethlehem, PA
June, 2022

"Everybody loved it. Absolutely loved it. And people were able to gather information to sell their unwanted things. It was great!"

Peggy Melandra - Event Coordinator
First United Methodist Church of Fairless Hills

Fairless Hills, PA
May 2022

"Bill and Ashley were very informative, as well as, engaging (and handsome). We loved how they were passionate in their field. We hope to have their knowledge in future events."

Karla Sloan, Owner
Bristol Antiques Market

Bristol, PA
April, 2022

"The people were very pleased with Bill and Ashley. They were informative in explaining how the values have changed with time. They were two nice fellows who made it very enjoyable as they talked about each item and answered all questions."

Miriam Hopkinson - Event Coordinator
"Young at Heart" Club
Woodside Presbyterian Church

Yardley, PA
April, 2022

"Canals End Antiques in Bristol celebrated our one year anniversary in February this year with a free appraisal event. It was hosted by Bill, Ashley, & Dan from the Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisal Association. Everyone was so thrilled with not only the information but also the entertainment! Several people returned with additional treasures to be evaluated, and the event ran even longer than planned. We will definitely do this again!"

Susan Rachlin, Owner
Canals End Antiques Store

Bristol, PA
February, 2020

"I, personally, thought that the time and care all of you took looking over whatever was brought in was so considerate. You made all of us feel that what we had really was important in some way or other no matter what the value.

I've already received calls from attendees about how much they enjoyed the "roadshow" Bill, Dan and Ashley put on for us. All hope that there will be an encore. We were all impressed by the depth of knowledge all three exhibited and how entertaining it was for us to hear what you had to say about our treasures. Thank you again for a great afternoon."

Estelle Bloom - Officer & Secretary
The Riegelsville Public Library

Riegelsville, PA
June, 2019

"We were so pleased to have you here on Tuesday, July 17th. Thank you so much for coming. We had very positive feedback from everyone! All three appraisers - Ashley, Bill, and Dan were very interesting and informative while appraising the treasures people brought to the show!"

Julianne Hart - Marketing Director
The Birches of Newtown

Newtown, PA
July, 2018

"Our appraisal fundraising event was a huge sucess! Bill, Dan,and Ashley are engaging, knowledgeable, and fun! People are already asking when they're coming back!"

Diane Berger - Funraising Chair
St.James Episcopal Church

April, 2018

"I want to thank Ashley & Bill from the Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisers Association for a fabulous afternoon at our store, appraising our customer's treasures! We appreciated the prompt, professional, and educational information provided."

Trish Husted - Owner
Makefield Collection Antiques Co-op

Pineville, PA
October, 2017

"We enjoyed our first ever Antiques Appraisal Event this past Tuesday. Bill, Dale and Ashley from the Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisers Association were there to assess the varied offerings of our congregation and community neighbors. It proved to be a fun and informative event for all. I recommend these Appraisers if you are thinking of sponsoring a similar event."

Cheri Wishing, Event Coordinator
United Methodist Church of Newtown

Newtown, PA
October, 2017

"We had another great turnout for the Antique Appraisal at The Birches. Our residents and members of the local community brought in several interesting items to be appraised. We had a French clock, vintage toys, antique perfume bottles and a Tiffany stained glass window. This is a very popular event here at The Birches and we will have the PA Antique Appraisers Association back soon."

Dan Fernandez - Marketing Director
The Birches at Newtown

Newtown, PA
October, 2017

"It was a pleasure and a very positive experience working with the Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisers Association. They are very professional, knowledgeable, personable, reliable and trustworthy. Our antique appraisal event was so enjoyed by all who attended that most stayed for the entire event. We would recommend them to anyone who needs their antiques appraised!"

Marcy McGann, Event Coordinator
First United Methodist Church of Fairless Hills

Fairless Hills, PA
September, 2017

"Your team of Antique Appraisers never fails to entertain a group of 15 or 60! Last night was no different. Your expertise in all antiques from Barbie dolls to artwork, lamps, and the traditional china never ceases to amaze us. Thank you for your professionalism and a fun time always. Sure to book you again."

Carrie Matez, Director of Marketing
Symphony Manor of Feasterville

Feasterville, PA
September, 2017

"The ANTIQUES APPRAISAL event is always well attended here at The Birches at Newtown. Residents and community members alike really look forward to hearing about the history and value of the treasures people bring in. Some of the unique items were a Seth Thomas clock dating to the 1880's, a tiny mesh purse, vases, china, watches and a very valuable music box! We look forward to having the PA Antiques Appraisers Association back at The Birches very soon."

Carole Williams, Marketing Associate
The Birches at Newtown

Newtown, PA

July, 2017

"The PA Antiques Appraisers were wonderful! Bill, Dan and Ashley came in with great energy, positivity, and great knowledge. Everyone loved how they would point out and provide a brief history of certain unique pieces. I would have them back in a heartbeat!"

Siobhan Discigil - Outreach Coordinator
St. Joseph's Manor

Meadowbrook, PA
September, 2016

"On Sunday, July 25th - Gallery on Main hosted it's first 'Antique Appraisal Day'. Bill D'Anjolell and Ashley King were key in making this event a success for us. They were very knowledgeable and kept everyone engaged. We plan on having this event again and hope that Bill and Ashley will join us again. Thank you both for a wonderful experience!"

Michelle Mundt and Shaun Daley, Co-Owners
Gallery on Main

Somerville, NJ
July, 2016

"The three appraisers were very knowledgeable and professional. They were very patient with each client as they presented their items no matter the value. To keep the other guests engaged in the process, they would make announcements to the audience with their findings. We had a variety of items - paintings, vases, tools, figurines, to name a few - it was fun learning about their history and their value. Overall, an engaging evening for all."

Leslie Crilley RP® - Wealth Management Associate
The BR Consulting Group
Newtown, PA
April, 2016

"The gentlemen from the PAAA were beyond what I had imagined; not only did they make the appraised items interesting with their knowledge, their presentation of the items were fresh and exciting. They have a dynamic team with astounding experience and personality. This made our Antique Appraisal event unique, entertaining, and enjoyable. We had some amazingly unique pieces. I was shocked when someone brought in an item with an appraised value totaling 21,000 dollars! Needless to say, the owner of the item walked out of our facility with a smile on his face. PAAA exceeded expectations, I would highly recommend, and will use them again."

Jessica Lopez - Outreach Coordinator
Holy Redeemer Lifecare

Yardley, PA
April 7, 2016

"I wanted to thank our friends, Dan Worden, Ashley King and Bill D'Anjolell for sharing their expertise with our residents and local Newtown neighbors. The event was an overwhelming success! With over fifty participants, the gentleman professionally shared their wealth of knowledge. Being able to see the variety of treasured items brought in for appraisal, hearing the sentimental stories attached and learning their monetary value was quite an experience! The gentlemen offered great advice in addition to appraising the items that were brought to be examined. They were able to refer to antique dealers with certain specialties, discuss what would make an item more or less desirable and how to sell or retain the treasures for added savings. This was our first event of this type and I'm already planning the next one. The trio was organized, ran all facets of the event, and everyone had a really great time!"

Michele Schreck - Marketing Director
The Birches

Newtown, PA
March, 2015

"The Appraisers were extremely professional and courteous to all our guests during the event. No matter how small or large the item was appraised, each item was addressed in a highly professional manner, knowing that it had sentimental value. I would highly recommend them professionally and personally for any appraisal."

Christine Feeney,
Outreach Coordinator
Holy Redeemer Lifecare at D'ouville Manor

Yardley, PA
May 2014

"The appraisers were, as usual, extremely knowledgeable for their third year at our annual Antiques show. There wasn't any item they couldn't tackle. We will use them again next year."

Show Chairperson
Bucks County Antiques Dealers Association

New Hope, PA
November, 2013

"The guys were professional, accurate, and informative! The appraisal events are well organized. I enjoy staying through the event to hear about someone's item. The appraisers are able to give pertinent and historical information and a value estimate which makes it fun for everyone."

Rev. Wonjae Choi
Newtown Presbyterian church

Newtown, PA
September 2013

"We could not be more pleased with the expertise of the Pennsylvania appraiser team. All appraising was done in a timely manner with much knowledge and professionalism. We can't wait to have Bill, Dan, and Ashley back in Princeton."

Stephanie Gaber, Event Coordinator
Brandywine Senior Living

Princeton, NJ
August, 2013

"The PAAA brought our 16 year anniversary sale to a huge success with many new customers. They were extremely knowledgeable and so much fun for our customers. We will definitely have them back. Thanks guys!"

Donna Rae-Lee, Proprietress
Brownsville Antique Centre

Trevose, PA
June, 2013

"Great personalities and great presentation, with exceptional knowledge and expertise in the antiques field."

Jacquelyn Parker, Manager
Stone House Antiques

Mechanicsville, PA
May 2013

"In evaluating the appraisals that Sunday afternoon, the entire event was very informative and extremely interesting! They educated those in attendance about certain pieces and why they have the values stated. They have a vast knowledge of antiques."

Annette Coletta, Owner of the Zen Den
Doylestown, PA
March 2013

Pennsylvania Antiques Appraisers' Association
Newtown, PA